Monday, February 1, 2010

Decorations For 35th Birthday

First I bought some local guides (routard and lonely planet) for a nice smattering. When planning
I documented on biomes, fauna and flora (at least a minimum) and the dangerous animals. I checked the weather and rainfall during the period of interest. I also decided the budget and planning his transportation: belt with zip, pouch and neck pen with a secret compartment, together with a prepaid card postepay.
Very important are also the various medicines and vaccinations (I made a point of tetanus, I did the anti hepatitis A and anti tification, I was already covered against polio, diphtheria and hepatitis B) and I bought 3 boxes of Malarone (the modest sum of 170 €) for when I am in the forests of Laos (there is a particularly treacherous strain of malaria).
would have been nice if I had studied a bit 'of the local language, but I did not have the slightest desire, I will entrust to English. Most important, however, at least know the history and contemporary socio-political and religious situation of the countries they visit and what are the habits and customs that differ from our (not to do shit, in short).
I checked that the documents were valid (I redid the passport) and I have sent a scan via e-mail, so you always have a copy ready. The visas for these countries, are on the border.
To book the flight I was given the father of a friend who has a travel agency: they are far more advantageous offers. I had a ticket open for 3 months (600 €), then giving birth on Feb. 13 and I can fix the return until May 13.
is the plan of my trip, in principle .. I still do not know if I go into Cambodia from Laos or Thailand, you will see later. However, I expect many changes circumstantial ..


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